Acquisition of 50.000 m² large scale Retail Center / by Joris van Gelder

On behalf of Rockspring Property Investment Managers, Estadium Real Estate Advisory has been the consulting party in the acquisition of large-scale Retail Center ‘De Bossche Boulevard’ in the city of Den Bosch.

This 50.000 m² shopping center is located at Business Park ‘De Herven’.

Currently, the ‘Bossche Boulevard’ consists of 19 retail units, containing retail formulas mainly focussing on the areas of furniture and home décor. However, this centre also offers a Praxis Megastore and a Prenatal.

Part of the total site of the ‘Bossche Boulevard’ offers a unique opportunity to expand the existing retail centre by at least 12.000 m². In the coming months Estadium Real Estate Advisory will work closely together with Rockspring and the developer Heren2, on this redevelopment.

Rocksping has procured this property from Unibail Rodamco, who developed the property in 2003.

Rockspring is a well established party; leader in the area of European property investment, having over 20 years of practical experience and managing funds of over € 6.3 billion Euro’s (June 2010) in 13 different European countries.

Apart from the acquisition of ‘De Bossche Boulevard’, Rockspring has also asked Estadium Real Estate Advisory to take on the commercial management of all their large-scale retail centres in The Netherlands.

This assignment makes Estadium Real Estate Advisory the party responsible for the commercial management of over 120.000 m² of large-scale retail space.

Similar to the situation at ‘De Bossche Boulevard’, Rockspring is also planning to expand the ‘Run Shopping Centre’ they own in Hoorn, with an additional 10.000 m² of retail space.

In this redevelopment project Estadium Real Estate Advisory will be responsible for the both the commercial part of the redevelopment, as well as the letting of this new centre.