BeddenReus and Slaapgenoten at Hof van Hoorn / by Joris van Gelder

In Q1 2012 the firm Beter Bed will be opening 2 new shops at the ‘Hof van Hoorn’. Apart from the ‘Beter Bed shop already situated here, two new shops by ‘Beddenreus’ and by ‘Slaapgenoten’ will also be located here soon. Both these companies are part of the ‘Beter Bed Groep’.

The shops, both 868 m² large, are the first new shops to be opening in the newly renovated shopping boulevard ‘Hof van Hoorn’. This boulevard has been completely refitted in 2011 and was reopened late September 2011, by an official of the city of Hoorn. The design of the façade and of the infrastructure, were both done by Architect Bureau OeverZaaijer. 

In 2012 Hof van Hoorn will be expanded further, by building a number of new units. 

Estadium is responsible for the commercial management of Hof van Hoorn.