Sporty Estadium / by Joris van Gelder

In 2012 there are again many sports events, where Estadium has been or will be present:

In the first weekend of January: the beachrace by bike: Egmond Pier Egmond.

At the end of January, the ice skating Team Estadium will be present at the so-called ‘alternative Elfstedentocht’; a skating event of 200 kms long, at the Weissensee-lake in Austria.

And then of course, as in former years, Estadium will be skating – with many of her relations – at the outdoor ice skating track Flevonice at Biddinghuizen (5 kms) this year.

Apart from these events, also several mountain bike events will be organised at Bergen and Schoorl (NH) this year, and in the spring Estadium will be visiting several cycling- and sailing events.