Considerable increase in Capital Management activities / by Joris van Gelder

Over the past few months, the Capital Management activities of Estadium have shown a sharp increase, with the recently signed instruction for the management of 4 real estate portfolios.

The reason for the increase in demand for Capital Management activities, seems to lie in the current economic climate. Investors have an increasing need for a partner who can proactively advise them on how to handle the challenging situations they are being confronted with these days. Hands on, no nonsense, assertive, proactive, experienced and reliable, are the essential qualities required nowadays.

Apart from ‘regular’ portfolio management activities, Estadium also advises its clients on a strategic level, i.e. in assembling the right portfolio or in applying financing structure, in marketing and in special projects.

 Estadium’s clients are mostly professional private real estate investors as well as some large international institutional investors.