Estadium Real Estate Management / by Joris van Gelder

Having just signed several new instructions for real estate management, this relatively new part of the services being offered by Estadium B.V., is now beginning to grow to quite a considerable size.

In order to be able to respond to the increasing demand for real estate management, ‘Estadium Real Estate Management B.V.’ was started up in the summer of 2012.

The most important cause for the growth in the demand for real estate management, is the current economic climate. It has made market circumstances change substantially, causing a growing need for broadly experienced advisors who can manage a whole portfolio, with due care, in these uncertain times.

Within a year of founding the Real Estate B.V., the number of real estate management instructions has been growing rapidly. This will be related to the direct and “hands on-mentality” in which a business approach is combined with a human approach, and which is so characteristic for Estadium.

The current Real Estate Management portfolio of Estadium contains no delayed payments whatsoever, and Estadium has also managed to control and even reduce the service costs, at the same time making sure that the buildings are now in a better state of repair than they were before they were handed into the care of Estadium.