Development of new Logistics Centers in Venlo / by Joris van Gelder

Recently Estadium has taken up the development of 60,000 m² in Venlo (Limburg).

The development consists of 2 new Distribution Centres, to be built at the sites of Trade port West and Trade Port Noord, in Venlo.

The DC to be realised at Trade Port West, called ‘Traveller 4’, will be 20,000 m² large. This DC is situated at tha last sight location at the A67 motorway near Eindhoven and the German Ruhrgebied.

The other DC to be developed; ‘Traveller 5’, will be a Distribution Centre at the size of ca. 40.000 m², which will be built modularly. Because of this modular way of building, this site offers the opportunity to ‘grow along with’ the need for space by the tenant. This way, thebuilding can now be constructed along the lines of the current need for space.

These developments are in collaboration with H. van den Boogaard Projecten BV, Tegelen (Limburg).