New elan Amsterdam Noord / by Joris van Gelder

Since the acquisition in October 2015, Estadium manages the former industrial estate at the Aambeeldstraat in Amsterdam Noord. This complex is located on the border of the Y-river and houses a mix of companies including fashion labels like Sissy Boy, Men at Work, Kings of Indigo and G-sus. In addition, there is film house FC Hyena, Monk Boulder Gym, restaurant Hangar and the well-known restaurant Hotel de Goudfazant.

As a part of the revitalization, the infrastructure has been improved considerably in recent months. Based on the design of Prast&Hooft architects all fences around the complex are removed and a creative and unique outdoor area has been created for the various employees and visitors to the companies of the property. In line with the current requirements 12 car charging stations have been installed at the central parking facility. In the coming months, there will be several new developments and openings.