Media Markt rental at Bossche Boulevard / by Joris van Gelder

MediaMarkt has signed a long term agreement for leasing a large building at the shopping centre Bossche Boulevard in Den Bosch. The rented space concerns 4.800 m².

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At the end of 2010 Estadium Real Estate Advisory was consulted by Rockspring, for the acquisition of the Bossche Boulevard; the most important shopping woonboulevard in the Province of Noord-Brabant. The acquired complex covers ca 40.000 m2 and was built in 1977 and was fully renovated in 2003.

At the purchase, Estadium recognized the potential of business complexes lying behind the acquired building. It was Estadium’s advice to develop these complexes by refurbish them into shopping space, thus making sure the Bossche Boulevard is surrounded by other shops by contributing to a stronger city centre.

After acquiring the building, Estadium – together with Oever Zaaijer architects, Heren 2 and Rockspring – has coordinated the development of the new building. The plans voor this redevelopment, are now being executed. After completion, the boulevard wil have a brand new allure and also the routing to the shopping boulevard will be optimised. 
The renovation project is expected to be completed by mid 2014. Then MediaMarkt wil take up its residence in the new part of the large building.

Rockspring is an independent fundmanager in real estate; one of the biggest in Europe and active in 14 countries. Rockspring is characterized by performing active asset management. The Dutch portfolio contains a.o. 3 shopping boulevards for ‘home&living’, now being renovated and redelveloped with active participation of Estadium Real Estate Advisory.

Estadium is Rockspring’s consultant where all projects in the Netherlands are concerned.