CANDID GROUP moves to the Hamerkop / by Joris van Gelder

As of 1st January 2019, the Candid Group will move into its new head office at the Johan van Hasseltweg 27 – part of the Hamerkop site in Amsterdam Noord. The 3,200 m² building and 28 parking spaces on site is located on the Hamerkop site where Sissy Boy, Skatepark Noord, FC Hyena, Hotel de Goudfazant, Monk and Hangar are located.

The Candid Group is the largest independent Dutch network of media, marketing and communication agencies. Candid Group consists of various A-brands in the marketing communication industry.


Estadium Beheer has been managing the 40.000 m² Hamerkop site on behalf of the institutional owner since the acquisition. On behalf of the owner, Estadium leased the building at the Johan van Hasseltweg to the Candid Group.